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Dontatius Cosby Ready To Breakout

The Rosa Fort Lions were dominant in the regular season in 2015. They reached the playoffs with an 8-2 record before finishing 9-3 after losing to Houston in a second round playoff match-up.

Sophomore quarterback Dontarius Cosby was key contributor for the Lions. He tallied around 800 yards and six passing touchdowns in just seven starts. He threw for around 200 yards in the game against the Hilltoppers that ended up being their final game of the season. He looks to ride that momentum into 2016.

“I broke my hand in the sixth game of the season against Byhalia, but I came back for the playoffs,” Cosby told SES Mississippi.

“I feel that I’m going to have a breakout season. I’m hitting the weight room hard every day. I’m going to show people that I’m the best in Mississippi.”

He will get a chance to do just that when he travels to ICC on April 30th for the Fortius Project. It is a big time opportunity for Cosby to show what kind of player he can be next Fall.

“I’ll work harder than anyone that will be there. I feel like no one is better than me,” Cosby said. “I’ll put my all on the line against five-star recruits, four-star recruits, it doesn’t make a difference.”

He gets it done through the air, he will tell you that he’s working to be more of a dual-threat quarterback. And we already know he’s not afraid to work hard.

“I want to get faster, speed kills, and stronger. There’s always room to get better,” Cosby said. “I feel that I’m good but I want to be greater than great.”

As I mentioned, passing is greatest strength. He intends to show people just how good it is when he shows up to Fortius.

“I’m not the fastest quarterback out here, but my passing ability is deadly.”

He credits his fellow teammates who are older and more experienced for making him the quarterback he is currently.

“A couple of guys on my team have helped me become the quarterback I am,” He explained. “They have helped me never let anyone outwork me, to stay focused and be humble.”

Looking ahead to next season he is excited at the endless possibilities of the Lion offense. He understands there is an area that will need to get better, but he also feels that is an area that can be overcome by his and other teammates’ play.

“Our team will be pretty good, we just need more lineman,” He said. “But quick routes will have to be our main focus. I have a couple of good targets, but my main target it Javarrius McKinley. If we need a deep ball McKinley will be my man.”

“I’m expecting myself to do a lot, as in passing and running.”

The improvements Cosby makes this offseason could directly correlate to his team winning more games and going futher in 2016. We should get a glimpse of the potential of that when we see him at the Fortius Project.

**Photo by Craig Smacks Harris.

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