• John Macon Gillespie

Saltillo Led By Mr. Friday Knight

There may not be a more exciting football player to watch in the Magnolia state than Saltillo’s Clayton Knight. The escapability and quickness he flashes as a quarterback can only be compared, at least on some scale, to that of Johnny Manziel.

Then on the other hand, that’s an unfair comparison as Knight is very humble, articulate and always generous with his time. On the field, he is working to complete his game by sharpening up his passing ability.

That is something he is looking to do with hard work this offseason, some of which will go down at the Fortius Project stop at ICC on April 30th. It is an environment tailor-made for Knight to excel.

“When others see me perform at Fortius I think they will see ho I’ve developed into a more experienced quarterback since my sophomore year. My arm has gotten a lot stronger,” Knight said.

“I believe that I can compete with the best in the state and this is a chance to see where I stand. I’m coming to Fortius to see where I stand as far as quarterbacks in the state.”

The weight room will also be a big part of Knight’s offseason, he says. He is also hoping for some physical growth that he cannot control to attain his dream of playing in college.

“I have to get bigger and gain some weight,” Knight told SES Mississippi. “And just pray that I grow a few inches in height and maybe with a lucky break I’ll get the chance to play at the next level.”

Knight and the Tigers faced adversity in 2015, a near 180 degree turnaround from the success they had the previous season. Knight, however, is using that experience as a learning tool. His team is doing the same, he says.

“Whatever happens we can overcoming it,” He explained.

Looking ahead to this final and his final season, Knight feels the solution is right there, plain to see, but must be executed.

“I expect improvement from last season. That’s all you can ask for really. Just for everyone to improve and the record will improve itself as long as everyone is doing their job,” Knight said.

Entering his senior season Knight has tallied 2,101 yards passing, 16 passing touchdowns, 333 rushing yards and three rushing scores. It wouldn’t be much of a surprise to see Knight surpass those numbers next season alone.

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