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Q&A With Oxford's CJ Terrell

A Q&A with Oxford's CJ Terrell.

SES: How do you feel the 2015 season went for you guys as a team?

CJ: “This past season was something special for us,” Terrell told SES Mississippi. “It didn't end how we hoped it would, but it was all a learning process. I feel like we became closer as a unit. We became more of a family as the season progressed.”

SES: You had a breakout season, how were you able to be so good so fast?

CJ: “During the spring of 2015 I was still playing quarterback, and a lot of people don't know this, but I was the next man up behind Jack Abraham,” Terrell explained. “I knew that I had to find a way onto the field. Coach Hill talked to me about changing positions and I always wanted to play DB, so he gave me a shot. Playing DB was not an easy transition to make. But a lot of 1-on-1's and 7-on-7’s helped me out a whole lot. I just took what I learned from the summer and kept it with me through out the whole season.”

SES: You had a monster game against rival Lafayette this past season. You came away with two interceptions that helped decide the outcome. How did that feel?

CJ: “It feels amazing to know that I had such an impact on that game,” Terrell expressed. “During the game, I didn't think that my impact would matter that much, but it did. Just about every other day, someone from Lafayette runs into me and ask, "You're No. 3 from Oxford aren't you?" It’s just a blessing to know that a young kid as myself would have such an impact in a big game like that.”

SES: How are you spending the offseason?

CJ: “Some of my teammates such as Hiram Wadlington, Devin Rockette, DQ Thomas, myself and many more have been doing a lot of drills to get better,” Terrell said. “My main focus is my speed, technique, and awareness. As the season gets started, I want to become more of a vocal leader.”

SES: What drives you to play as hard as you do?

CJ: “Just knowing that I’m doing it for the city of Oxford,” Terrell answered. “Knowing that some people would die just to play the game of football again, so I never take for granted that God is allowing me to do what I love.”

SES: A lot of Chargers are signed up to compete at the Fortius Project. What are you hoping to accomplish there?

CJ: “I’m hoping to get better with my footwork,” Terrell said. “I don’t want anyone except the best receivers out there. It’s going to be a sight to see when them Oxford boys show up!!!”

**Photo by Keith Warren of the MHSAA.

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