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Kam White Unsatisfied With 2015

Clinton sat in the No. 2 spot on the SES Top 10 rankings, as the season was about to begin. The year would see them rack up eight wins including five in district play.

Everyone knew about Clinton quarterback Cam Akers going into the 2015 season, and he lived up to the hype. However, transfer athlete Kam White exploded onto the scene for the Arrows.

The 6-2, 190-pound speedster turned a lot of heads this past season while hauling in a team leading 25 passes for 547 yards and eight scores. He also added four interceptions while playing safety.

Looking back at the season, White says he is no where near satisfied with how things went.

“I feel like it was supposed to be an all the way type of season but we fell short a round,” White told SES Mississippi. “But with this being my first year with them I think we handled a lot of games good and should have handled some games better than we did.”

White transferred to Clinton from Ridgeland and admits that moving up to the state’s top high school league was a bit intimidating.

“I think I performed well,” White said. “I had to step up and get used to 6A football because there is a very big gap. Overall I think I had a great season. I led the WRs in yards and touchdowns.”

When a player plays with as much emotion as White does, it is obvious that somewhere there is a driving force behind his actions and passion.

“My family,” White expressed. “Mostly my mom. She's working at a job that she doesn't like but she has to take care of my little brother and me. So I'm trying to play hard so one day she doesn't have to work and I can put her somewhere that she's comfortable.”

White says he is excited about the off-season and getting better in order to make a run for the crown in 2016. He says he really enjoys proving people wrong.

“Competition. I love when someone is supposed to be higher ranked than me or a team is supposed to be better than us,” White declared. “When they come up on the schedule, it's all focus that week and on the field It's time to show up and show them who's best.”

**Photo by Keith Warren and the MHSAA

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