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Football & Family One In The Same For Davis

Camaraderie bred success for Pearl River Central in 2015. Following the death of former Blue Devil linebacker Shane Smith in the Summer, the team came together as a family. As a family they made history, too, winning 11 games, going undefeated in division play and winning their first division crown in 20 years.

Junior quarteback Wyatt Davis told SES Mississippi the team often spent time together away from football activities. Davis, who served as leader for his team, was the perfect symbol for what the Blue Devils were as a team. He is quarterback that is small in stature, but is hard-working and determined. The team as a whole could be described the same way.

“I’ve looked at myself as a leader all of my life. When you play quarterback all eyes are on you,” Davis said to SES Mississippi. “I lead by example on and off the field. I try to install a hard-work mentality into the younger guys.”

Davis says the program must continue doing the things that brought it success last year if they are to return to form and go beyond their second round exit against eventual 5A champion Wayne County next season. In fact, he says in some areas they will have to go even harder this offseason.

“After every work out there’s a bunch of guys that stay after to do extra work. ew have to sell out to the program,” Davis said. “We have the best coaches in the state. Those guys are pushing us hard right now. We will have to work harder than we ever have. I like where we are right now.”

Improvements this offseason for Davis should also be a factor that ties-in directly to the success PRC has next season.

“My main area of focus to improve is on my 40 time,” Davis said. “I feel like it will make me more of a dual-threat quarterback. That’s been my main goal this offseason is getting faster. I feel like I can help my team get to where we need to be.”

Davis feels that a stop at Petal High on March 5th to participate in the Fortius Project combine would be beneficial to his progression this offseason, also for his future.

“I’m very competitive. I love to compete against other great athletes. I feel like it will be a great opportunity to get looked at more,” Davis explained.

Davis sees potential to develop his leadership ability at Fortius by “pushing other players to be great.” He also sees a platform to impress those who may doubt him.

“I expect to excel in the 7-on-7 part of the combine,” Davis said. “My arm makes up for my size. My arm will be an eye-opener for people.”

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