• John Macon Gillespie

KJ Breland Breaking Away

Some players have a knack for breaking long plays and making defenders look silly along the way. It is rare but when a player comes along with that ability, it really can be something special. Forrest County Ag's KJ Breland is one of those players.

When you ask him how he averaged nearly 20 yards per catch in 2015, the slick playmakers simply responds.

"Want to look at my highlights?" Breland asked SES Mississippi. "I'm really fast."

He isn't joking. He can flat out fly with the football. A quick look at his highlights and you see that he doesn't lose an second of speed even when he changes directions.

Breland says that his coach has helped him understand how to break plays wide open.

“My coach always tells me to just worry about catching the ball,” Breland explained. “He says to try to score every time I catch the ball.”

Breland says he plays as hard as he does because he wants to be the best and allow game to take him far. He will be looking to put his talents on display as well as get some good work in at the upcoming Fortius Project that will be held at Petal High School on March 5.

“I really just want to learn more about my position and become a better player.”

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