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Catching Up With WO3

Wayne Overman III and Tyler Polk made up one of the state of Mississippi’s most electric backfields last season. Their St. Martin Yellowjackets missed the playoffs despite a 9-3 finish.

Polk, who was a senior, was a finalist for the Mr. Elite trophy. Overman III seems poised to follow Polk’s path as a candidate for Mr. Elite next Fall. With both guys in the backfield, defenses often had to guess whose hands would be on the ball. Now more of the load will shift to Overman III.

“Our season went really well. We fought really hard through the year but came up short at the end,” Overman III told SES Mississippi. “I am woking non-stop. I never really stopped after the season ended. I never do.”

It would make sense that going into his senior year that more leadership might be placed on Overman’s shoulders. That wont be a new role for him, however.

“I think I’ve always played as the leader. I’ve always thought that way with anything I do,” Overman said. “Being more experienced on the field will definitely be more beneficial to me but I will be the leader of the team and I will perform that way.”

Since his junior season was ended prior to the playoffs, he was able to follow the playoffs. He watched the runs St. Stanislaus and Resurrection made to state. He noted the coast teams have come a long way. St. Martin is one of the many teams on the coast that has shown marked improvement.

Speaking of improving, that’s one of Overman’s main focuses this offseason. As he previously noted, he never really stops putting work in. He has been training with CJ Bailey Skill Academy in Biloxi Monday through Wednesday, while also getting work in with David Morris, of Quarterback County, in Mobile.

“Getting faster and making sure my throwing motion improves,” He said when asked what areas he is working on most.

With just one season left before the legacy of his career is written, Overman has an idea of how he would like that story to go.

“I really want my career to be remembered,” He said. “I want people to say I’ve done everything for my team first, to get St. Martin to the top. I want to put my teammates on bigger view to get noticed. Im dedicated and ready to do whatever it takes.”

Dedication, he says, is a quality that football has taught him through the years. The self-proclaimed “logical thinker” with “a big heart” plans on going to school for sports medicine. However, that could change he admits, but he really just enjoys helping people.

Outside of football he is “just trying to have a good time and enjoy life.” That includes going to the movies. His two favorites movies are “Bring Him Home,” and “Mad Max: Fury Road.” Nothing surprising there, as those are both good flicks. He does have a unique preference, however, when it comes to his favorite part of his favorite game.

“Practicing something then being able to do it during the game,” he said.

This offseason and next season could see dreams begin to be realized for Overman. He says getting division one offers would be just that for him. This offseason should also see him markedly improve his game which could be trouble for opponents next season.

“All I can say is I’m determined and I’m way more improved in every way."

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