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Marcus Murphy Headed To Fortius Project

Arguably one of Mississippi’s best athletes at the quarterback position in 2015 was West Point sophomore Marcus Murphy.

He threw for a modest 770 yards and nine touchdowns. However, he rushed for 100 or more yards in 10 of his teams 14 games, totaling 1,615 yards on the season. He added another 16 scores on the ground, while averaing 7.4 yards per carry. Equally as impressive are his two catches, one for 22 yards and another for 19, which both turned into touchdowns.

It’s hard not to be enamored with his athletic abilities when you see him on the field. This offseason, though, he is trying to become a better passer.

“My mechanics on throwing the ball, so I can be a dual-threat quarterback,” Murphy told SES Mississippi when asked what areas he is looking to improve this offseason.

Murphy will have a shot to do just that when he travels to Petal High School on March 5th to participate in the Fortius Project. He was one of the first players to sign up for the combine and that is reflected in his excitement for the upcoming opportunity.

“I want to come show off my skills and see do I have what it takes to compete against other players that want the number one spot as much as I do,” Murphy said. “Anybody that’s really good I want to compete with them to make myself better as an athlete.”

It is clear that Murphy posses two qualities that are instrumental to becoming a great player. He has next-level athleticism and a will to compete against the best to better himself. He even mentions wanting the “top spot.” You have to be impressed to see an approach like his in a young player who has already shown the kind of player he can be.

In the not-so-surprising news department, Murphy noted his speed as being the quality he feels will stick out to people the most at Fortius.

That speed helped West Point make it the 5A North Half championship last Fall and could propel them even further in the fall of 2016. If are to accomplish that, his speed won’t be the only reason, he says.

“I’ll be more comfortable this year. (Last year) I had to adapt to playing with the older guys.”

Next year he will be one of the “older guys,” despite being just a junior, because of his experience. With that comes a leadership role. A role he carries now as his team grinds through the offseason and during next season as he and his teammates begin their quest.

“Right now we’re just lifting weights and conditioning,” Murphy said. “If we win state it’s because we stuck together as a team.”

The progression of Murphy over his final two seasons will be something to keep a close eye on. Certainly he was a must-see, electrifying player last season. If he combines that running ability with a solid and consistent passing element, then he would likely be one of the faces of the 2018 class, though.

It will be fun to see him compete and improve March 5th at the Fortius Project’s first stop in Petal.

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