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Stephon Huderson Just Getting Started

Petal unleashed a monster on the state of Mississippi in 2015. The monster's name is Stephon Huderson. The junior running back had a solid sophomore season in 2014, but exploded this past season. He went over 2,000 rushing yards and added 30 receptions. The human highlight reel says he is just getting warmed up.

"For me as an individual, this past season was amazing," Huderson told SES Mississippi. "I rushed for 2,000 and had over 350 yards receiving. I feel that my performances opened up a lot of eyes in the recruiting system. I made USA 1st Team Mississippi, which consisted of 2 RBs total in the state. I started to see that my talent is not getting overlooked. I feel that this past season was just a confidence booster, which will open up a lot of doors for myself."

Huderson is right, he did have an amazing year and is now on all of the radars thaat matter. He also knows that his Panthers shocked a lot of people as well this past season as their slow start at the beginning of the year ended as South State Champions.

"I feel that the past season was just a test," Huderson explained. "It tested us mentally because physically we were there. We just had to understand that we were actually better than we thought we were. Once we got that through our heads, we were playing some good Panther Football."

Huderson plays with a high motor and his feet never stop moving. He can hurt defenses around the corner or between the tackles for the down and dirty yards. His passion for the game helps drive him to success. Where does that drive come from?

"My family and my teammates drive me," Huderson expressed. "I know what condition that my family is in and that motivates me everyday and every play. I've always believed that if you don't use your God-given talents He will take them away. So I give it my all."

With his senior season coming up, Huderson says his position on the team now shifts into a leadership role.

"I need to be a louder voice on the team," Huderson said. "To say things before coach says it, and most importantly to make the people around me better."

As for the offseason, Huderson says it is all about doing the things that will make him a better player and strengthen his team as a whole.

"I plan on getting bigger, faster, and stronger. I gave up basketball this season to focus on football. I'm attending camps and putting in extra work after each workout. Everything that I was good at last year, I'm working on being great at them this upcoming season."

Huderson says he will be putting in work on March 5, at The Fortius Project that will be held at Petal High School.

**Photo courtesy of Thomas Brown.

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