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What is The Fortius Project?

What is the Fortius Project? The simple answer is that FP is a series of combines held throughout the state of Mississippi where athletes can come and be tested in the 40, pro-agility, broad jump and vertical leap. They will also have a chance to do one-on-ones as well as 7-on-7. For the high school athletes, it’s an opportunity to see where they stand moving into next season. For the younger group, it is a chance to see what the “combine” scene is all about.

However, the Fortius Project is more than just a combine. It’s a challenge. It’s not simply a competition to see who is the fastest or who can jump the highest. It’s a competition with one’s self. Fortius is the Latin word for ‘stronger’. It doesn’t mean stronger than the competition. It simply means stronger. It means stronger than self, stronger than the last time. In order to make yourself better, you cannot be satisfied with your best.

Over the past couple of months, we have had a chance to speak with players like Columbus running back Kylin Hill, Clinton’s Cam Akers, Madison Central’s Jack Walker, Ocean Springs’ Austin Williams, Brandon’s Brady Anderson and many more about what they like out of a combine. The Fortius Project will be shaped based off of the feedback we received from a long list of players that have combined before.

Our first event is Saturday, March 5 at Petal High School. You can register and pay online or by sending in the info and check by mail. We look forward to seeing you there and seeing you out do yourself with every single rep.

Click here to REGISTER NOW.

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