• John Macon Gillespie

SES 5 for 15: #2 Monumental QBs

SES is revealing the top five moments from the 2015 Mississippi High School football season.

Our next top moment is unique because it doesn't have a specific date. It actually has several games that span all across the state of Mississippi. Laurel quarterback Keon Howard and Oxford quarterback Jack Abraham have been a staple in Mississippi High School football for the past few seasons. They have each played at an elite level for their entire careers. They were named to the 2015 SES Elite 10 team and Abraham is the Mr. Elite Award winner. The 2015 season would be their last at the high school ranks before heading off to the next level. This season the two would do something that has not often been accomplished in this great state at the high school level. This season they would each surpass the 10,000 passing yards mark for their careers. To add a little icing to the cake, they would also throw their 100th touchdown passes as well. They have each piled up wins over their time as their team's field general. In 2014 they gave us a great look as they squared off in the 5A Championship. That would be the only time the two stars would meet in their great careers. The yards, touchdowns and wins are an amazing accomplishment but the way they carried themselves both on and off the field is most notable. It has been an absolute joy to cover these two young men throughout their careers. I look forward to seeing how far they can fly at the next level. I also cannot help but feel badly for Mississippi High School football for losing two of their best representatives. Who is going to feel their massive shoes?? SES 5 for 15: 5. Thriller in OB 4. Unforgettable Upset 3. Big Man For 6 2. Monumental QBs 1. Dec. 31

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