• John Macon Gillespie

SES 5 for 15: #4 Unforgettable Upset

SES is revealing the top five moments for the 2015 Mississippi High School football season.

Sometimes the most shocking things that happen are those that are most unexpected. Upsets in sports are usually a shock. When they happen during playoff time they are really special. There was no doubt what the upset of 2015 was.

That would be when South Panola fell to Madison Central in the first round of the 6A playoffs back in November.

An 11-0 regular season, 26-game winning streak, stout defense and reputation made South Panola the 6A favorite heading into the playoffs. A place they are not unfamiliar with by any stretch.

However, the Jaguars of Madison Central had different ideas. No one would argue they were a challenge standing in front of the Tigers, but frankly, most were looking ahead to a potential Starkville - South Panola match-up in North half. It would be the Jags that ended up facing the Yellow Jackets in that one, though.

The Jags would win by a final score of 14-8 due in large part to stopping the Tigers in the red zone twice in the fourth quarter. While impressive, that part of the equation was not a shock.

The Madison Central defense had been the engine driving them all season long. Even despite the struggles the talented Jags experienced this season, their defense stood strong in a division of offensive juggernauts.

Upsets here and there are what make sports great. High school football in Mississippi is certainly great without question. This was one of 2015’s greatest moments.

SES 5 for 15:

5. Thriller in OB

4. Unforgettable Upset

3. Dec. 29

2. Dec. 30

1. Dec. 31

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