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SES Reflections: Caleb Kitchens

It was certainly a magical season for the TCPS Eagle football program. They won a school-record eight games. Their success was due in large part to the play of their senior quarterback Caleb Kitchens.

He was extremely well-versed in the offense in addition to possessing a strong and accurate right arm. His experience helped him elevate the level of play and confidence of his teammates. With his prep career now over, there is time for him to reflect.

For instance, what improvements did he see in himself and his team over the course of the special season they had.

“My personal improvements were my leadership and my mobility,” He explained. “My team gained confidence in my that we could get the job done on any occasion. Gaining mobility allowed my receivers more time to get open and kept the defense off balance.”

He continued, “The improvements my team made around me were thanks to my coaching staff. This season wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work the skill players put in this summer and our motivation from Coach Holiday. Coach Wilkerson came up with a new game plan every week to help us win.”

Speaking of coaches Holiday and Wilkerson, he credits much of his success to the pair. While both guys have played different roles, and coach Wilkerson has known him much longer, they have both played a key role in shaping the football player he is.

“Coach Holiday has shown me how to be a leader on and off the field. He has helped our team transition from kids to men. Playing for Coach Wilkerson was the best high school football experience I could imagine. Since I have known him for a long time, I can honestly say he is the best coach in the area,” Kitchens stated.

The relationship with Coach Wilkerson started when Kitchens was just seven years old. He recalls Wilkerson teaching him how to hold a football and making him practice drop backs until he “wanted to run away.”

“I love that man like a dad. We don’t always agree, but I respect him so I do it. When I got a chance to play for him last year, it was ‘how soon do we start?’,” He said.

Following the kind of career Kitchens put together it is sort of difficult to reflect and put your finger on your best memory, but it was clear for him just what that was.

“My favorite memory was beating my old high school Biggersville. It was great to play the game I love with new friends against old friends. It was truly special to have all of us playing on one field,” He said.

Kitchens aspires to play on the next level and recently received his first offer from Mount Saint Joseph in Cincinnati.

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