• John Macon Gillespie

SES Reflections: Danterius Ellington

There is no question who the lead man for the feisty Center Hill Mustangs has been for the last few seasons. Danterius Ellington burst on the scene early in his career and amassed 6,500 yards passing and 55 TD passes, along with more than 2,700 yards rushing and another 41 scores. Unquestionably one of the state’s most exciting players.

That is the reason he was named a finalist for the Mr. Elite award. Because he was a productive player, he made big plays and he showed major improvement over his career.

This season his supporting cast was somewhat inexperienced, but he saw some bright spots along with the youthful moments.

“Our guys that we didn’t think were going to step up and make a difference, those guys stepped up and made a difference,” He explained. “They just made a lot of mistakes. We knew they would because they were young, but those guys were all in with us and gave us everything they had.”

He understood with guys around him that were younger that he would have to step into a role of leadership.

“I knew I had to step up and lead this team. I knew I had to make some big plays in order for us to stay in games, in order for us to win games. I knew I had to play great every week and I thought I did just that,” Ellington said.

Ellington put together three impressive seasons as a starter. He matured as quarterback and playmaker over the course of his career.

“My throwing motion has gotten a hundred percent better than the past two years,” He explained. He elaborated on another area he felt he improved, as well. “Staying level headed. When things get tough, I can’t let team see me down. I have to stay positive and continue to lead my team.”

With all the accomplishments and accolades and memories that Danterius Ellington has accumulated you would figure it quite difficult to pin down even a few favorites. However, two things stand above the rest for him.

“Being on the North-South all-star game roster(the Bernard Blackwell Classis),” He said when asked of what accomplishment he was most proud of.

As for what he will miss the most? “The lights on Friday nights, that’s what I will miss those the most.”

You can check out Ellington in the 67th annual Bernard Blackwell Football Classic on December 19th at noon. The game will be played at Milner Stadium in Gulfport.

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