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SES Prime Time Award: Austin Williams

When an offense does something that a defense is having trouble slowing down, it can cause headaches to opposing coaches. However, it can get worse for them. When the offense has everyone thinking one thing and then does another. That can cause a nightmare.

Ocean Springs junior wide receiver Austin Williams has been the monster in many opposing coaches’ nightmares. The Greyhounds run the veer offense and make it a point to establish the run and just when the defense gets used to it BOOM. They go up top to Williams.

The 6-3 freak of an athlete hauled in 56 receptions for 928 yards and seven scores this season. With the work he has been putting in off of the field and the success he has had on the field, he was a clear choice for the 2015 SES Prime Time Award.

“I feel like our team was running well on all aspects of the game,” Williams told SES. “We played every phase of it really well and we played until the end. It didn’t end up how was wanted it to but we gave it our best shot. I feel like I fit in really well in the offense even though it is the veer because our run game was really good so it would open up the passing game.”

Williams was no slouch as a sophomore for the Greyhounds as he caught 38 passes with six scores, but his jump this season was incredible. He exploded onto the scene early and finished even stronger.

“This past offseason I worked really hard on trying to increase all the parts of my game, and I guess part of it is you just have to be calm and confident and you can make plays.”

Williams can and did beat defenders deep but what makes him special is his ability to make the tough catches. If the ball is somewhat close, he comes down with it even if he knows a big hit is coming.

“Honestly, you can’t think about the hit,” Williams explained. “You have to know it is going to happen. Your whole mind has to be on the catch.”

Williams plays the game hard and has a reputation of practicing even harder. When asked what drives his passion, he gave a perfect response.

“I just have a love for the game. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to be the best at whatever I do and that is what drives me.”

**Action photo by Keith Warren of the MHSAA

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