• John Macon Gillespie

Getting to Know SirMarcus Evans

The sports world is home to some of the best names you could ever imagine. Mississippi high school football is no different. However, I think have found one of the best out there.

SirMarcus Evans is a sophomore at Saltillo High School and mainly a receiver for coach Pat Byrd and the Tigers, but on Friday nights you can find him just about anywhere on the field. He is a fantastic athlete and that has helped him excel at various other spots, such as defensive back, running back and even on special teams.

In fact, he says that his best football memory ever came on special teams when he returned a kickoff for a touchdown against North Pontotoc.

As for what position he likes best? That was an easy answer for him. He likes wide receiver best. That makes sense as it is a position he picked up so naturally and instinctually when he first began playing football.

Evans did not grow up playing pee-wee or Pop Warner football like many athletes of his caliber. Instead, he picked up football for the first time in 8th grade. Before anyone could even teach him how to catch a football or run routes, he was already doing it as if he had been his whole life.

“I just knew how to do it. I was born with natural talent,” Evans told me.

Another thing he was naturally born with, as I mentioned earlier, is an awesome name. As you can imagine, there is meaning behind it. His mother’s grandfather, his great grandfather, was named SirArthur. His mother’s best friend was named Marcus. So she decided to name SirMarcus after two people she was really close to.

Football is not the only sport that Evans lends his attention to. When football season is over he likes keep active and keep on his feet by playing basketball. To maintain his speed, he even likes to run track. It is easy to see why Evans is able to be successful on the football field considering he keeps his body fine-tuned by competing in other sports.

However, sports aren’t the dominating factor in his life that you would assume them to be. In fact, Evans likes to spend any time that he does not give to sports, with his family or focusing on school.

“I like to help my parents around the house and focus more on school,” He said. “When I have free time I like to play back yard football with my brothers or work out with my friends.”

His work outs have a purpose. Like many athletes he has a goal to get bigger and faster. Working out in a weight room can certainly help accomplish that. However, his main goal is to step into a leadership role and to be in a position where he is able to help his teammates to be better.

One of those teammates and friends that he was alluding to is junior quarterback Clayton Knight. Not only are they trying to get better alongside each other, but he also likes to tease Knight a bit.

“Well, right now I mess with him because he is cripple, but other than that I make fun of his facial expressions when he runs,” He joked.

Lastly, I asked him which was his social media outlet of choice.

“Mostly Twitter, SnapChat and Instagram, but my favorite is Twitter because I read a lot of motivational quotes and interesting things about life.”

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