• John Macon Gillespie

Q&A with Starkville DE Lorenzo Dantzler

SES: You guys seem to be a different team compared to the first game of the season. What changed?

Dantzler: "I mean game one we really beat ourselves, especially on offense. We had alot of momentum swings and had a lot of turnovers. We all know who the better team was that night. We just didn't play like it."

SES: You guys are currently ranked #2 in the SES Top 10. Who do you see being your biggest challenge throughout the rest of the season?

Dantzler: "Honestly, we're not concerned about rankings at all this year. That's why we didn't win it all last year. We're taking it day by day, game by game. We have to treat every opponent the same especially going into division play this Friday on the road versus Callaway. We're not over looking anybody this year."

SES: When the dust settles on this season and your high school career, how do you want to be remembered?

Dantzler: "Honestly, my coaches and the community. Everybody knows my name in Starkville. I have a lot of people looking up to me and I have to live up to the hype. I'm still trying to prove I'm a Power 5 talent. My teammates push me everyday to be the best. I love those guys especially Kobe jones. We push each other everyday. I just want to remembered when I leave Starkville. I'm striving to be the best DE in Mississippi and the country."

SES: Who has been your toughest offensvie tackle you have gone up against?

Dantzler: "Scott Lashley .. Guy is big and strong. Once you turn your back to him it's over. I learned quick this year, you have to come off the ball hard on him and then you could set him back and play football but you can't let him get his hands on you and control you. I will be going up against Tommy Champion this Friday. I'm excited about it."

**Photos courtesy of Thomas Brown.

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