• John Macon Gillespie

Q&A with Oak Grove QB Alex Ward

Oak Grove quarterback Alex Ward has settled into the postion nicely through the first two games of the 2015 season. The senior has totaled 421 passing yards with seven touchdowns to just one interception. His Warriors are 2-0.

SES: You have had two solid games to start the season. What do you credit that to?

Ward: “We have such a great team and such great coaches. The coaches have done a fantastic job getting all of us focused and ready to play each week. All I have to do is get it into the hands of our athletes and let them work.”

SES: Jordan Duncan is a great playmaker for you guys but it seems others are also stepping up. Can you talk about some of those guys?

Ward: “The thing about Jordan is he’s so good that he gets so much attention from defenses. Charles Hartfield, Kendall Parham, Justin Mary and Hughston Sanders are some of the best receivers in the state. We all are so close as friends so it’s just natural on the field. Aaron Abraham and Tavaris Fairly are too really physical backs. We have lots of confidence in those guys.”

SES: You guys opened up with two very tough 5A opponents and won. Do you think that will be beneficial to you guys down the road?

Ward: “Absolutely. Those two teams will definitely be in the running to win the whole thing in 5A. They prepared us for district play in all aspects of the game. It really challenged our team. I’m proud of the way we have stepped up and competed.”

SES: Being the Oak Grove QB is a big deal. A lot of great players have come before you. How does it feel to be the guy calling the signals for the Warriors on Friday nights?

Ward: “It’s such an honor. You grow up watching so many great players come and play before you. I put a lot of pressure on myself to live up to the standard of being the ‘Oak Grove QB’. It’s exciting to be a leader on this team.”

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