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Jeffrey Simmons: Gold Rush

The Noxubee County Tigers had an offense that could light up the scoreboard in 2014, but as the old saying goes…Offense wins games. Defense wins championships.

That is exactly what happened for the Tigers in the title game in 2014 as they faced the state’s top offensive attacks. St. Stanislaus couldn’t breathe. The man that was causing the suffocation was Tigers’ defensive end Jeffrey Simmons.

“It felt great,” Simmons told SES. “Being able to see how it feels myself and being a team leader felt great. But my main focus wasn't all on me it was on the seniors I wanted them to go out with a ring. I was able to do damage with speed. Their guys were bigger but I knew I had an advantage and that was my speed.”

Football has always been a release for the gridiron giant and he says it has also helped develop him into the man he is becoming.

“It gets a lot off my mind,” Simmons said. “It just helps you with life. Also football teaches you how to be a leader, and the recruiting process is fun.”

Simmons seemed unblockable for the better part of the season. He says that getting to the QB is some of the most fun he has ever been able to have.

“It is all about making plays,” Simmons explained. “Playing my position I can make big plays. I love sacks. That's all I am thinking about when I am coming off the edge. It feels like finding gold. Like someone just comes in my head like ' Jeffery you the Man'! I just love the game.”

Simmons says football is making him be a better man.

“The competition, being a family, and overall it takes a lot off my mind,” It helps me be a better man. It also helps me to be a leader in many ways. Football is just a game to help you become a better person day by day while competing.”

*Photos courtesy of the MHSAA

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