• John Macon Gillespie

Bowman and Jaguars Eyeing the Crown

Forget about summer break. If you want to be a successful football team in the fall, the work has to be done in the summer. No player is working as hard as the gunslinger from Desoto Central.

Cameron Bowman is entering his final year as quarterback of the Jaguars and he is leaving absolutely nothing in the tank.

“I just know that this is my last year to play high school football so I have to come attack this summer and upcoming season like I will never play again” Bowman told SES.

Bowman has been the guy at QB for the past two seasons and has done a solid job commanding the Jaguar offense. As he enters his senior season, he finds himself in a position to lead his team on a serious run at the 6A title.

“My job as a leader is to make sure that our guys play and work to the best of their ability and to leave everything on the field and in the weight room,” Bowman explained.

With the 6A division appearing to be wide open for the 2015 season, Desoto Central could find themselves poised to make a run. Behind the lead of Bowman is running back Alan Lamar.

Lamar could very well be the state’s best rusher. This season he will be running behind a top notch offensive line as well.

Bowman believes the pieces are now in place for the Jaguars.

“With our left tackle Dareaun and left guard Kendall Terry, we can run behind them with Alan,” Bowman said. “We also have a junior wide receiver, Keshaun, who has really showed out for us this past 7-on-7 and then Jesse Curry a senior. Both of them ran a 4.5 and are probably playing both sides of the ball. I think we are going to be a hard team to beat this year.”

Bowman has completed over 60% of his passes in his career and has only thrown 16 interceptions in over 500 pass attempts. He will be putting in work this Thursday at the Ortho Memphis Desoto County 7-on-7 Shootout.

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