• John Macon Gillespie

SES Mississippi: Harmon Wants Grand Exit

The Oxford Chargers have ended the last two seasons watching another team leave the 5A Championship Game with the trophy. The 2015 Chargers have a new ending in mind for this coming season.

Defensive end Korbin Harmon has had enough with getting close but not being able to finish. He believes the time is now for him and the rest of the Oxford Chargers.

“We are very hungry,” Harmon told SES. “We want it bad this time and I believe that we can do it.”

Harmon has been playing the end position for the Chargers for several seasons, but this past season he really came into his own. The 6-5, 225-pound speed rusher says now that he only has one more year to play, it is time to step up and be a leader.

“It is about being the one who acts as a guiding force as well as a motivator to the other guys on the team,” Harmon explained. “Some of them have God given talent and just need a little encouragement or boost to get them going and playing like they know how to play.”

Harmon will step on the field this season in what will be his fourth year to see significant playing time. Just like so many other present and former Chargers, Harmon has played all his ball for head coach Johnny Hill.

Hill has announced that the 2015 season will be his last. Harmon says he and his teammates want nothing more than to send him off into the sunset carrying that golden football.

“It means a lot to everybody,” Harmon said. “It makes not just me but the entire team want to win it all for him.”

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