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SES Mississippi: Knott Eyes Big 2015

By Webb Lewis

Germantown High School figured a lot of things out in 2014. They became serious contenders and 2015 is looking very bright for the Mavericks.

Defensive back Nigel Knott has big plans for himself and his team this offseason.

"Everyone is a little older with a little more experience," Knott told SES. "I will be working on speed, strength and knowledge. The things that will help me a lot at the next level of play. I also will work on my leadership."

Knott has received a lot of attention over the past couple of months from several of the nation's top college programs. He says it is important for him to secure a position at the next level but not at the cost of losing his focus on his team and the 2015 season. "Don't let it change you," Knott said. "You have to understand that there are people in the world watching you. Some of them even look up to you. Staying humble is the most noticeable thing an athlete can do."

WIth all of the success and attention, Knott says he has a very firm grasp on how much of a privilege it is to play the game.

"The main thought is that I know that this all can be taken away from me any day," Knott explained. " I am blessed to have these blessings "I'm not going to have seconds thoughts when these moments are are gone. Just have to enjoy it while you can."

Knott says he takes a slightly different approach to being a leader on his team and with setting goals for the season.

"Just play ball and encourage my teammates. I didn't have any goals when I played last year. I was just having fun. I'm going to continue to do that and play my heart out."

If it isn't broke, don't fix it.

***Photos courtesy of MHSAA

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