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SES Mississippi: Fleming Focused On 2015

By Webb Lewis

Cathedral High School capped off their dream season in 2014 with a 1A State Championship win. Now that the dust has settled on the celebrations from that win, the Green Wave must look ahead to what the fall of 2015 has in store for them.

Running back Dee Fleming is fully confident that his team is ready to continue winning even with new faces in several key spots.

"I have faith in my team and especially our rising seniors and underclassmen," Fleming told SES. "I also have faith in my great coaches and staff. We have guys working hard this offseason who are willing to fill spots that need to be filled. We just have to regroup and push each other. There's so much potential there."

Fleming spent the 2014 season running through, around and over defenders on his way to a 2,012-yard season with 34 touchdowns. Fleming's toughness and determination is in large part the reason for his success. Why does he play so hard? The 5-9, 200-pound back says he simply does not have a choice.

"I believe if I'm not giving my all, then why am I giving at all?" Fleming explained. "God blessed me with a talent and I'm going to give my all to fulfill that talent. I love the game of football, not just because it's a game, but because of what it teaches us, and how much it inspires and motivates us. I want the guys beside me to know that I'd give everything I have for them and they can always depend on me."

Fleming also has a special place in his heart for his uncle. "I have an uncle that's diagnosed with multiple sclerosis," Fleming explained. "During the season, early on the mornings of gamedays, I always visit him in the nursing home wearing my game jersey. He loves football. And he loves reading about us in the paper. He smiles no matter what and fights through everything. Whenever he would tell me to score him a touchdown, I would be determined all day to do that."

After being named the Region 4A Offensive MVP and the 1A State Championship Player of the Game, all eyes will be on Fleming this fall. He insists that he will continue to only get better and stay focused on the task at hand.

"I had a great season but I believe that there's still so much I can improve. There's always room for improvement and the biggest part, is realizing that and what I need to improve. I'm definitely working on my speed, footwork, and agility. Also, power and explosion is a huge part of my offseason workout. I've been studying film and pointing out what things need to be of my focus."

**Photos courtesy of the MHSAA

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