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SES Tennessee: Weatherly Likes View From The Top

Christ Presbyterian Academy won it all in 2014 and had a perfect 15-0 record. In fact, CPA has won 29 of their last 30 games. They are king of the hill and will enter the 2015 season with a bright bullseye on their back.

Lions quarterback Zack Weatherly is looking forward to his final season at CPA and welcomes all challengers.

"I like the fact that people are gunning for us," Weatherly told SES. "It means we are doing something right, and we don't really make it a big deal. We will just keep playing football like normal."

Even in an offense that kept the ball on the ground over 70% of the time, Weatherly has been able to find success and manage games at a level seldom seen in the high school ranks.

The field general completed just over 69% of his passes for 1,765 yards and 29 touchdowns to just 3 interceptions. That effenciancy is simply incredible. He also added another 521 yards and nine scores on the ground.

He has now totaled 60 touchdowns in his high school career with a season to play.

Even with all of the wins and accolades, Weatherly says you don't have to look hard to find his favorite thing about the game of football. It is his team.

"I love the game because there's nothing better than playing football with your best friends," Weatherly expressed. "Nothing is better than that."

To play the game at the level Weatherly does, it takes more than just hitting the practice field. It takes film study, sacrifices and many other countless things that at the end of the day will never be talked about. This brings about the question, 'who do you do it all for?'

"I do it for God because I believe that he gave me this talent to glorify him," Weatherly declared. "I also do it for my parents because of the investment that they have made in me."

Strong in his faith and on the field, Weatherly is the total package, but that doesn't mean he plans on settling anytime soon. The 6-2, 180 pound gunslinger already has plans for the offseason.

"Really just getting bigger and getting my arm stronger because you can never have too

strong of an arm."

**Photos courtesy of CPA Communications.


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