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A Football Life For Hayden Davis

Football has been a big part of Madison Ridgeland Academy's Hayden Davis' life for as long as he can remember.

The sophomore quarterback would probably have difficulty recalling a time when there was no football in his day to day. Davis has a great understanding of the game and his job as the quarterback in the Patriot offense, but when you have spent your life sitting across the dinner table from the man that calls the plays, you are bound to pick up on a few things.

"Well my dads my head football coach If that tells you anything," Davis told SES. "I started out in 7th grade at quarterback and have been in my dad's offensive system ever since then."

Davis' father, Herbert Davis, has just wrapped up his first season as the Patriot's head coach, but he has been Hayden's head coach for much longer.

Davis says playing for his dad is not a bad thing. "It's great. Of course, he expects a lot of me being the quarterback of his team and as a son even more," Davis explained.

Before settling in at MRA, Davis saw action as a freshman at Lawrence County High School in 2013. In six games, Davis threw for just under 1,000 yards and nine touchdowns. As a sophomore at MRA this past season he totaled 1,693 passing yards with 14 scores to just three interceptions. He also added another 391 yards on the ground with seven touchdowns.

MRA saw their 2014 season come to an end with a State Championship loss to Jackson Prep. The Patriots will hit the field running this spring in pursuit of another trip to the title in 2015.

Davis already has plans of what he needs to improve and will be working on this offseason. "Well I hope to get my 40 down to the 4.5s, gain atleast 10 pounds of muscle and work on lots of fundamentals and foot work," Davis said.

Football is a tough sport for just about anyone that plays it. Playing quarterback comes with its own extra challanges on top of that. Davis has two years of high school ball to play and is already competing at a very high level. The amount of work he has to put in when the lights are not shining will probably never be fully known.

When you ask Davis, why put in the work? What drives you? Who are you doing this for? The young field general gives the perfect answer. "I do it for God, who has blessed me with my ability and capability of being great," Davis declared. "I do it for my mom because she believes in me the most when nobody else does, and of course my dad who's coached me and taught me everything I know. I'm very thankful for my sisters and grandmother."

Hayden Davis is living a football life in a football home and there is nothing wrong with that.

However, he did say that it wasn't football all the time in the Davis home.

"The only break is probably sleeping."

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